Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Moving Day

May 13, 2013

Be still my heart!  I can't believe today is the day.  We have spent weeks sorting through things and putting them in piles of things we want to take to Italy, things we want to pack away, and things we want to throw away.  Bailey's Moving and Storage told us to put everything we wanted shipped to Italy in one room.  We did that and we had things piled on the bed and in piles on the floor and the closet was bulging.  But it's all gone now.  If we ever want to have clothes to wear again, we'll have to go to Rome to get them.

It's a strange sensation now that everything is gone.  There's no second guessing ourselves and wondering if we have everything we need because it's too late now.  I'm not a big fan of change, so this is difficult for me.  Michael just sees it as one step closer and he's so excited he can hardly stand it.


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Stuck in an elevator . . . that's a new one!

May 6, 2013

Associate Italian Consul Michael Homer, Michael and Anna Kay Waddoups

We got stuck in an elevator.  It wasn't on my bucket list, but now that it's happened I'm going to write it down and then cross it off.

We had an appointment at the Judge Building in downtown Salt Lake City to meet with the Associate Italian Consul so we can get our Visa's to go to Italy.  Pres. and Sister Dibb, who will be going to the Italy Milan Mission and seven new Italian missionaries who have only been at the MTC for four days were all there.  Katy from the Church Office Building met us there with all the paperwork.  We signed papers and answered questions.  Everything went like clockwork--until we tried to leave.

When we got on the elevator to go back to the main floor, three men were already on the elevator.  We joked and said we hoped we didn't have too much weight.  Halfway between the second and first floor the elevator stopped.  We forced the door open and came face to face with solid concrete.  We found the emergency phone and called the operator who assured us she would get someone there immediately to help us.

It was pretty crowded on the elevator.  Pres. and Sister Dibb and Katy also got on the same elevator with us.  With the other three gentlemen, that made eight of us.  All the young missionaries got on the other elevator.

Twenty minutes later, the elevator started to move and we were free.  Unfortunately, there was no sign of the missionaries.  Katy was still searching for them when we left.

No doubt the fact that we got stuck in an elevator will be all over the mission before we arrive because the missionaries will be there for two weeks before we get there.

Does anybody know any good elevator jokes?