Tuesday, June 30, 2015


June 26-28, 2015

While in Crotone we went to visit some of the new members and met some investigators.  President Waddoups interviewed a sister who plans to go on a mission and signed some temple recommends.  We drove to Catanzaro to conduct a baptism interview and meet more investigators.  A demonstration on changing tires on a Ferrarri was held outside our hotel room.  We visited a castle/museum where some of the missionaries assist with translation.  We attended a karaoke party with the Crotone Branch and attended church with them, too.  It was a busy, productive time.

Oops.  He tripped and fell, but he's okay.

She loves dragons.  Found a dragon shirt at the street market and bought it for her.


June 25, 2015

Alberobello, home of the truli, was also on the way to Crotone.  We had been there, but the senior couple with us were new in the mission and hadn't seen it, so we made a quick trip through one of the main streets.

Zoo Safari

June 25, 2015

After finishing the last Specialized Training, we drove across the country to Crotone so President could do some interviews and attend church.    The Fasano Zoo Safari is only a short distance from Bari so we made a little detour and took a two hour P-Day.  I love zoo animals, but this was probably my favorite zoo experience. 

The zoo sits on a hillside overlooking the Mediterannean Sea.  We drove the car through several fenced enclosures.  We had lots of carrots and apples to feed the non carnivorous animals.  We rolled the windows up tight when driving through the lions, tigers, and bears.  We got in wire cages and entered into the area with baboons.  We were grateful to be in the cage and not out of it.  We wished we had more time to spend with the animals, but duty called and we had to leave because we still had a four hour drive to Crotone.

Sea Lion

Just as I snapped the picture, he yawned.