Friday, June 5, 2015

Senior Missionary Conference

June 2-3, 2015

Senior Missionaries - June 2015

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All the senior missionaries serving in the Italy Rome Mission attended a Senior Missionary Conference in Rome.  It's the first time in the nearly two years we have served here that we have been successful in getting all the senior missionaries together.  It was an awesome, inspiring event.  

We started out with some of the senior missionaries doing reports on medical, Pathways (evening classes taught in English to help Italian members attain higher education), and GANS (Young Single Adults).  We then had a guest speaker, Dr. Ugo A. Perego, who has a doctorate in Genetics and Biomolecular Studies, is the director of the Rome Institute Campus, and also a Bishop in Rome.  We ended the first night with a meal of green salad, squash ravioli with tomato and basil sauce, and then sauntered down the street to a gelateria for gelato.  After all, gelato is our motto.

The following morning we had presentations and training from the senior missionaries who serve in the mission office.  We also talked about ways to improve our mission by being good examples to the young missionaries and ways to assist with teaching them correct principles.  Each senior couple had the opportunity to talk about something they have done that has been very successful or something that has happened to strengthen their testimonies.  

Special musical numbers were presented by our extraordinarily gifted missionaries. 

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About Ugo A. Perego

Dr. Ugo A. Perego has a PhD in Genetics and Biomolecular Studies from the University of Pavia in Italy, where he studied under the mentorship of Professor Antonio Torroni, who was part of the team of scientists to first identify genetic diversity among Native American populations in the early 1990s. Dr. Perego was a senior researcher for the Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation for 12 years, where he contributed to the building of one of the world’s largest repositories of combined genealogical and genetic data. He has published and presented extensively on DNA and its application in populations, forensic, ancestry, historical, and genealogical studies. He currently resides in Italy, where he is the director of the Rome Institute Campus and a visiting scientist at the University of Perugia.

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Sorelle who helped in kitchen

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