Friday, June 5, 2015

Capi Conference

June 2, 2015

Once transfers are complete and the new Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders have reached their destinations, we bring all the leaders together for a training session.  With modern technology, we can do it electronically.  The leaders in the two Rome zones come to Rome and the others go to the church in their area.  It saves a lot of time and money.  Unfortunately, it isn't nearly as personal and that's something we have to work on.

The leaders all thought we were going to talk about Ipads, but Ipads are just another tool we use to find people to teach and baptize so they were disappointed when the entire focus was on goal setting and becoming good missionaries and very little was said about Ipads.  The main emphasis was on ways to reach the goals contained in the new Standards of Excellence.  The goals have been increased and the missionaries have to work harder and pray more fervently to reach them.  They have to "think outside the box".

Capi Conference - June 2015

Happy Birthday

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