Saturday, June 20, 2015

Kitchen Help

June 18, 2015

We're making potato salad--with eggs.  There's a big debate as to whether or not it's still potato salad if it has eggs in it.

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  1. Hello! Trying to get an e-mail address for mission home. Stumbled upon this blog in my search. I have a son (23), that is backpacking thru Europe and his Rome accommodations fell thru. He is going to be there Monday -Friday 22-26. Do you know of any members there that wouldn't mind a cute blond American boy sleeping on their couch for a few days. He is a great kid. I can be reached at Thanks for any help you can give. I am a momma who worries. (like most) I served next door in the Spain Malaga Mission in 1981-82. My boy does not speak Italian, but can get by in Spanish!