Thursday, June 18, 2015

Palermo Specialized Training - June 2015

June 16, 2015

Palermo Zone - June 2015

On average, Palermo has the youngest zone in the mission.  That doesn't stop them.  The entire zone was upbeat.  Everyone loves Palermo.  (Maybe the missionaries were just excited because they finally got Ipads.)  The Assistants have been magnificent in working with the missionaries to see that the Ipads are set up properly.  The senior couple who are the Technology Specialists for the mission have attended every zone conference and assisted with any problems or questions that arise.  They are wonderful. 

The Palermo Zone always has some young members come who are fairly recent converts to use zone conference as their Missionary Preparation class.   

At each conference we are playing a game of Technology Bingo.  Every missionary is given a bingo card with answers to technology questions on it.  If they have the answer to the bingo question on their card, they can put a candy marker on it.  (Our daughters came to see us and filled their suitcases with Smarties from America.  The American missionaries love the candy, but the Italian missionaries aren't as keen on them.)  The bingo questions are taken directly from the Technology Safeguards pamphlet the missionaries were given when Elder Bednar was here.  It's a fun way to reinforce what they should have already learned and also find out where more learning needs to take place.

Beginning Testimony

Beginning Testimony

Beginning Testimony

Beginning Testimony

Beginning Testimony

Happy Birthday

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