Friday, April 24, 2015

Mission President's Seminar

April 21-23, 2015

Every six months a Mission Presidents Seminar is held for the Europe Area.  This time we met at the mission headquarter in Frankfurt, Germany.  Our mission will be receiving i-pads very soon.  In preparation for that, most of the teaching and discussion centered on missionaries using them for missionary purposes and how to help achieve this.  We have been a little nervous because missionaries today are young and they have grown up with modern technology.  They are much more capable at using i-pads than we are. 

We have concentrated our efforts on teaching the missionaries the importance of being obedient and that "obedience brings blessings and strict obedience brings miracles".  Many of our fears of the unknown were laid to rest when we were told the First Presidency trusts the missionaries and we should, too.  We trust them every day as they go about the Lord's work.  We are not their constant companions and we can't be with them all the time.  As they are obedient and use the i-pads for righteous purposes, this mission will see miracles.  We are excited to be eye witnesses to what will unfold.

Europe Area Mission Presidents Seminar - April 2015

Visiting Apostle

Former Stake President and currently Managing Director of the Missionary Department

Five couples who came to Europe in 2013 with us - We take a picture at each Conference

We went to the same high school and were on drill team together

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