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Leaving a Legacy - February 2016

Leaving a Legacy
February 2016

When missionaries complete their missions, one of the things they are asked to do is leave a legacy for new missionaries who will be coming to the mission.  They are given a form that says:

           "As you finish this wonderful chapter of missionary service, you have the chance to help those that follow.  Think back to the first days of your mission.  You were full of new missionary energy but maybe not quite sure how to use it.  Take some time and contemplate about all the many lessons and great experiences that you experienced during these two years of service.  What knowledge would you have wanted in order to enhance your experiences?  What great tips of obedience or endurance would you like the next generation to know?  Now is your chance.  Please write  a short letter speaking to all those that will follow."

With permission from the departing missionaries, here are some of the comments they made.

*  *  *  *  *

I promise you that if you let it, the mission will be one of the most joy filled experiences you’ve ever had.

The mission will be difficult!  Make no mistake about it, but it is through the fight you put into it that you will grow to know the Savior and His feelings for you.

Obedience is everything.  It is when you are being obedient that you are showing the Lord how important His vineyard is to you.

Read Preach My Gospel every day!  Reading Preach My Gospel everyday brings a fire and great spirit into your day. 

Read the Book of Mormon every day.  It is a book that changes hearts and it will change yours.  There is a promise from President Benson that daily study of the Book of Mormon will bring power into your day.  I know this to be true. 

Love the people.  These people have been entrusted to you by the Savior and you are His hands and His voice for them. 

When it comes to the language, don’t be afraid to make mistakes.  Don’t let it discourage you.

Don’t let the small things ruin anything.

When promptings come to talk to someone, don’t wait until you feel “comfortable” . . . just do it!

If you have questions, ask.  Don’t ever sit wondering.

Missionaries are the most prayed for people in the world.

Happy missionaries are effective missionaries.

Don’t gossip.

No amount of talent or skills can make up for a lack of faith.

Always love.  I wished I would have started to pray for charity before my mission, but I am glad I do now.

We are not here to please man but to please God.

I want you to commit now to never give up.  Don’t you quit.  The pain you may feel will be nothing compared to the joy you will feel.

Follow the Spirit.  We must listen  and learn to recognize the voice of the Spirit. 

Sometimes days will seem super strange and we’ll wonder what Heavenly Father is planning for us when all seems to go wrong.  But even when the plan seems crazy, it’s perfect.  So always include Him in your plans.

One of the things I have learned the most that I wish I would have understood at the beginning of my mission is how important it is to declare repentance. 

The Atonement heals us from sin and sorrow and then enables us to completely change and become more than we ever could have been on our own.

This is the best mission of them all.  You will have wonderful experiences and will learn the things Heavenly Father needs you to learn.  And you’ll eat some super good food while you do it.

Take some time to figure out how the spirit leads and guides you personally.  It might take a while to figure it out, but that’s ok!  Just keep working at it.

When we first came to Italy, we were sent as a couple to Bari.  We both were surprised at how strong the young missionaries are and how spiritually prepared.  They are an amazing force and we learned a lot from them.

We have watched he missionaries who are obedient thrive in the mission, despite problems.

With God nothing is impossible.

Have fun and enjoy your mission.  It’s not that long and it goes by SUPER fast.

Do your best and then leave the rest to God.

DON’T WORRY ABOUT THE LANGUAGE SO MUCH!!!  I MEAN IT.  See it like anything else that is gospel related.  If you do your part, then God will do His. 

Obedience is success.  Your success is measured by your obedience.

Contention is not worth the absence of the Spirit.

Be strong and rest assured there’s no other place you are supposed to be right now.

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