Tuesday, May 17, 2016


May 16, 2016

(We saw a sign leading to a Nuraghe Village close to the Tomb of the Giants.  Since nuraghees are unique to Sardegna, and one of the assistants will be returning home in a couple of weeks, we wanted him to see one since he had served on the island and had never seen one.)

The Nuraghe La Prisgiona is a nuragic archaeological site (occupied from the 14th until the 9th century B.C.), located in the Capichera valley in the municipality of Arzachena Costa Smeralda in the north of Sardinia. It consists of a nuraghe and a village comprising around 90-100 buildings, spread across 5 hectares. Findings from this site are in many cases unique in Sardinia, particularly with regard to decoration and use. Due to the large extent and number of buildings the site is considered unique in North-East Sardinia. There is also some evidence for occupation during Roman and medieval times. The Giants' grave Coddu Vecchiu is located nearby.

Graphic reconstruction of what a nuraghe might have looked like.

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