Monday, October 12, 2015

Catania, Sicily

October 12, 2015

Many times we have to travel on Monday, which is P-Day for the missionaries.  For most of the missionaries, it doesn't really make a difference.  But for the two Assistants who travel with us, it means they don't get a P-day.  Whenever we can sneak in an hour, we try to let them see or do something.  That often depends on whether or not our plane is delayed, how long we have to stand in line for a rental car, and how bad the traffic is.  Today we were able to spend an hour in Catania before President had to begin doing interviews.  Neither one of the Assistants have ever served in Catania, so they enjoyed the few minutes we had to walk around.

13th century castle

Resembles stripling warriors


Roasted onions


Horse meat


Lunch at McDonalds

This dog has been run over by four different cars and survived.

Original 14th century door

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