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Taranto Zone Conference - October 2015

October 28, 2015

Taranto Zone - October 2015

The Zone Leaders in Taranto decided to invite all the missionaries to attend an early meeting before the actual zone conference where they invited missionaries from each district to share something that had touched their life in a spiritual way or else a miracle that had occurred or something they had learned that had blessed their life as they have continued on in their mission.  It was a powerful meeting as missionaries learned about the experiences of others and how their lives had been blessed through those experiences.  For the younger missionaries, they gained a greater appreciation for the experiences they were having and they look forward to a better understanding of how these experiences will bless their lives as they continue to serve.

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The Assistants asked the missionaries how they could spiritually apply their faith.  The answer is role play.  They put an empty glass on a chair and asked everyone to apply their faith so that the cup could be filled with water.  After a couple of minutes, one of the missionaries walked to the empty glass and poured water out of a bottle into the cup.  When the Assistants asked him why he had done it, he replied "The cup needed to be filled."  As missionaries we need to be ready to fill the cup.

As the Assistants were attempting to show a video from The District on the television in the church, the batteries went dead and it wouldn't work.  They were able to have the missionaries pull the video up on their I-pads and watch it there.  What a wonderful blessing modern technology is.  Six months ago we didn't have I-pads in the mission and that wouldn't have been possible.

The Assistants pointed out that the best way to do a good role play is through example, review, practice, review and re-practice.

After watching the video that was an example, the Zone Leaders lead a discussion on the good and bad things that had been done in the video.  They talked about the importance of asking inspired questions.  Then they had all the missionaries do another role play of their own.  The Assistants followed up with asking what was good and what was bad and how they could improve.  After that they did another role play to practice doing it even better.

The Assistants also talked about the importance of planning and determining in advance what needs to happen to achieve a certain goal.  The Sister Training Leaders lead a discussion on accountability and that ultimately we are accountable to the Savior for what we do because this is His church and our mission is to help Him to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.

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