Sunday, March 9, 2014

Palermo Specialized Training

March 6, 2014

Being a Preach My Gospel missionary was the theme of the specialized training in Palermo Zone.  In order to be Preach My Gospel missionaries, they need to use their time wisely.

The zone leaders and STL worked together to create a powerful adestramento on the importance of using this time as a missionary to accomplish all that they can.  The zone leaders began by naming each missionary and telling of a unique strength they had such as archer, soccer player, polo player, musician, chef and many other things.  Then they pointed out that with all those unique strengths, the Palermo Zone had a lot of power and they should utilize that power to do great things as a zone.  Every missionary has a special strength to add to the total strength of the zone.

If all that power is used efficiently, great things will happen in the zone.  They talked about using time wisely and sent the missionaries out on the street in groups of four in different directions and gave them ten minutes to have a meaningful conversation with someone and then meet back in the chapel.  Ten minutes later they all returned with stories of how they had given away pass-a-long cards and English course invitations.  A couple of them gave away Restoration movies and one even handed out a Book of Mormon.  The moral of the story was that if they could accomplish that in ten minutes by utilizing their time wisely, just imagine how much they could accomplish in an entire day or week. 

President Waddoups ended the conference by talking about getting baptism commitments and how to do finding.

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