Monday, March 24, 2014

Letter to President

Remember when I was in Rome coming to Napoli and two of my bags got stolen (wow can't believe that was already 2 months ago). Well looking back at all the emotions, tears, feelings of stupidity, I remember just praying let some good come out of this. I would still think it stinks but It would be worth it if we could share the gospel with someone because of it. And yah we talked to the police officers at the station about it, gave a Book of Mormon to the man who found my bags so that was great.  So lets fast forward 2 months...So my glasses got stolen and I have just finally got around to getting new ones. And what do you know we struck up a conversation with the glasses guy.
Me: " SO how long have you ...(pausing. thinking of how to say worked here in Italian)
Him: "Have we been married?" ( pointing to the lady he is working with)
Me: Sure. (thinking. yes what an even better question)
They then go on to tell us all about their family, their 3 daughters, how they met, their whole life story, which continued into an invitation to lunch at their house Sunday afternoon. (oh these crazy Italians) It ended up being the optomitrists ( the husband and wife) their 3 daughters, and their boyfriends, and their cousin, and her family. It was a full house. But we were able to share a little bit about our message about Gods plan of happiness for us. How in our church we have temples where we can make ordinances that will seal us to our family forever. They want to hear more! Wahoo! SO hopefully I'll have more news for you next week!

What an answer! Maybe it took two months! but HEY IF MY GLASSES HADN'T BEEN STOLEN I never would have met this awesome, crazy Italian family. They are so great! I wish I could explain to you how fun they are! How much I already love them! God answers prayers...usually in ways we don't even expect. So Pray. Ask. Be patient. Your answer will come!


  1. How fun. I love testimony building mission stories!

  2. Wow, talk about having a positive attitude! Amazing!