Saturday, March 21, 2015

Mission Conference

March 18-20, 2015

Once each year a member of the Area Presidency comes to the Italy Rome Mission for a Mission Conference.  This year President and Sister Teixeira did the tour.  We held conferences for three days.  The first conference was in Palermo and all the missionaries serving in Sicily and the missionaries serving in Malta attended that one.  We flew back to Rome that night and held the next two conferences in Rome.  Travel went pretty smoothly for the first two conferences, but the third day got pretty hectic when the airline controllers went on strike and no one, including President and Sister Teixeira, was able to fly home.  Some of the missionaries who were supposed to take a plane were able to take a late night train which meant they had to be on a train for six hours and then have a driver pick them up and drive them the last hour to their destination.  The plane ride is only about forty minutes so it was a rough trip for them.  It was sad because the conference had been so inspiring and the missionaries were all pumped to return back to their areas and do great things. 

Catania/Palermo/Malta - March 18

Rome West/Bari/Taranto - March 19

Rome East/Napoli/Sardegna - March 20

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