Sunday, March 8, 2015

Rome West Stake Conference - March 2015

March 7, 2015

The Rome West Stake Conference was held in Cagliari on the island of Sardegna.  The main meeting was held in Cagliari and then it was broadcast to other areas on the island and also to other parts of the stake on the mainland.  It was a blessing for members of the church to have a general authority visit them on the island for a change.  usually they are the ones who are called upon to travel to the mainland if they want to participate in special events.  They couldn't have asked for anyone better than Elder Kearon for a visiting authority.  Elder Kearon is a counselor in the Europe Area Presidency.  He is kind and loving and blesses the life of everyone he meets.

Elder Kearon followed up on the talk given by the Stake President, President Diniciacci.  He centered his talk around coming unto Christ and being spiritually healed.  He likened each of us to someone who goes to a doctor because we are in need of being healed.  The doctor listens to us, tells us what the problem is,  prescribes certain medicines that we must take and exercises that we must do in order to be healed.  It is up to us to follow his directions, but if we do, we will be healed.  Each of us needs to begin the healing process today and not put off receiving the blessings that await us.  No spiritual ailment is so severe that it can't be healed.

Sardegna Zone with Elder Kearon

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