Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Polignano a Mare

March 23, 2015

The sights of Italy are just like the pictures on a never ending calendar.  Around every corner is another treasure.

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The city of Polignano a Mare is located just outside Bari, Italy.  We passed through it as we were returning to Bari.

Polignano is a pearl, positioned on a steep sea cliff dotted with grottos and history along the splendid Adriatic coast of Puglia.  Its origins are ancient and connected to the Greek City of Neapolis (IV Century BC), which then became known as Polisnea and Polineanum.
Its territory further North however, was inhabited during the last Ice Age (10.000 years ago), and testimony of villages dating back to the Bronze Age (3.500-1.200 BC) have been uncovered in the present day historical centre.

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Church of Purgatory


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