Thursday, July 9, 2015

New Missionaries - Day 1 - July 2015

July 7, 2015

This was an historical day for the new missionaries and for us.  For the first time, the arrival date was on a Tuesday instead of a Wednesday.  Twenty new missionaries arrived on time and with all their luggage.  That was a great start, but the best thing was that they got here a day earlier than usual and we had a day to spend giving them some new missionary training and also set up their Ipads.

Tuesday morning they were tired when they got here, but we kept them busy anyway because they seem to adjust to the time change better that way.  They stopped at the temple site on the way to Rome.  We divided them up into three groups and part of them started interviews with President, part of them walked to the street market with me, and part of them walked to Acqua Sacra with the Assistants to fill their water bottles with sacred water.  We didn't give them much time to think about how tired they were.  Next we fed them lunch and gave them an opportunity to relax for a few minutes before the Assistants took them on a Metro ride to see the Colosseum and a few sights in the historical part of Rome.  It was unseasonably hot and they looked like they were ready to melt when they returned to the villa.  At that point one of the senior couples came to the villa to do some training on getting permesso (permission to stay in Italy) cards and also taught them about mission finances.  After that we walked a short way to get Kebabs for dinner.  By this time everyone was really exhausted and they finally got to go to bed.

New Missionaries at the Airport - July 2015

New Missionaries at the Rome Temple Site - July 2015


Rome Colosseum - July 2015

Victor Emanuel Monument - July 2015

Hot and Tired

Receiving Permesso Packets


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