Saturday, July 18, 2015

New Missionary

July   , 2015

Occasionally we have missionaries who are delayed because they don't get their VISA's on time.  We had a sister who experienced that this time, but she was able to follow the rest of her MTC group two days later.  Unfortunately, we were unable to meet her at the airport because we were out of town doing a conference.  Thank goodness for trusty Assistants and senior couples who are always ready and willing to assist.  Our new sister arrived safely in Rome where she was greeted at the airport by the Assistants who took her to the office where the senior office missionaries gave her all the information she needed and the senior couple serving in the area where she is to serve brought her new companion to Rome to meet her and then drove them back to their apartment.  It sounds simple, but it really isn't. They had to drive about five hours each way.  She is now serving on the other side of the country and we look forward to meeting her at zone conference next week.

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