Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Letter to President

During the last transfer cycle, we really emphasized the idea of building from the inside out.   It's easier to baptize and fellowship individuals if they are close to the church and not out in another location far away.  They are able to get to church and the members are able to fellowship them.

We've seen a lot of success in building from the inside out. Finding is so much easier around the church and the missionary apartment than it is in centro or on lungo mare! I believe that the lord chose where the church should be and where we should live because he's prepared people nearby. We have a potential family who we're meeting with today who lives across the street from us. Their daughter felt something really powerful as we shared a spiritual thought and prayer and asked us if she could learn more because she's been confused about religion. We're teaching our landlord's family who will return from vacation in September and will introduce us to their friends who were almost baptized 15 years ago but lost contact with the missionaries. Our neighbor upstairs will also return from his vacation in a few weeks and has remained in contact with us to give us referrals and reassure us that he will come to church. We're finding that people who live nearby our members and other investigators have been well prepared to hear our message. By finding in the areas where we're already teaching we've been seeing that the lord has many people prepared just waiting for us to start talking to them.

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