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Sights in Rome

August 20, 2015

Aurelian Wall

The Aurelian Wall is a large defensive wall that was built in the third century AD to protect Rome against attacks. The wall encircled the city's seven hills and incorporates a number of large historic structures.
Unique to the Aurelian Wall is the fact that several large monuments and buildings are incorporated into the structure. This was done to save time and allow the wall to be built at a lower cost.
Pyramid of Caius Cestius, Rome
Pyramid of
Caius Cestius

Aurelian Wall

Pyramid of Cestius history

The massive monument that is Pyramid of Cestius has a rich history. The pyramid was built on request by Gaius Cestius Epulo; a rich magistrate, praetor and a member of one of the four great religious corporations at Rome. It is believed to have been built around year 15 BC as an extraordinary tomb.

A Roman pyramid

One might think it is strange to find an old pyramid in the center of Rome and in a sense – it is. However, after the Roman conquest of Egypt in year 30 BC, Rome was going through a fad for all things Egyptian. Several obelisks were taken from Egypt and placed at Circuses and Forums all around Rome. There was also another pyramid raised in Rome, the pyramid of Romulus, which was demolished in the 16th century.

Arch of Constantine

This Triumphal Arch was dedicated in AD 315 to celebrate Constantine's victory three years before over his co-emperor, Maxentius.

Constantine claimed he owed his victory to a vision of Christ, but there is nothing Christian about the arch - in fact, most of the medallions, reliefs and statues were scavenged from earlier monuments. There are statues of Dacian prisoners taken from Trajan's Forum and reliefs of Marcus Aurelius, including one where he distributes bread to the poor.

Rome Colosseum

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