Sunday, June 5, 2016

Training Trip

June 4, 2016

We are taking the mission office couple with us on our final transfer trip so they can get a better feel for the distances the missionaries have to travel and the challenges of getting supplies and packages to the various areas.  They handle the travel and supplies for the mission.  The logistics for the mission can be fairly daunting since the mission is so large and includes three islands.  We are continually striving to streamline and make everything more efficient.

It takes about five hours to drive to Bari.  Luckily it's a beautiful drive and we see some interesting things along the way.  One of those things is a water bufalo dairy where stopped and got some fresh mozarella di bufala.

Mozarella di Bufala hood party

Watch out for the Water Bufalo

Svevo Castle

Mopping the road in Bari

Bari Duomo

St. Nicholas Cathedral

Statue of St. Nicholas

Designated Sacred Door of St. Nicholas Cathedral

Wedding in St. Nicholas Cathedral

St. Nicholas' Relics

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