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Leaving a Legacy - May 2016

Leaving a Legacy
May 2016

When missionaries complete their missions, one of the things they are asked to do is leave a legacy for new missionaries who will be coming to the mission.  They are given a form that says:

           "As you finish this wonderful chapter of missionary service, you have the chance to help those that follow.  Think back to the first days of your mission.  You were full of new missionary energy but maybe not quite sure how to use it.  Take some time and contemplate about all the many lessons and great experiences that you experienced during these two years of service.  What knowledge would you have wanted in order to enhance your experiences?  What great tips of obedience or endurance would you like the next generation to know?  Now is your chance.  Please write a short letter speaking to all those that will follow."

With permission from the departing missionaries, here are some of the comments they made.

*  *  *  *  *

Missionary work is good.

It is important to be obedient, but when we are in tune with the Spirit, we can do miracles.

Learn from every single companion.  Be a help rather than a burden to him.  Search for the spiritual gifts he has and then in the right moment, tell him.

Treat scripture study as if the super bowl was on.  You wouldn’t be 5 minutes late to watch the super bowl would you?

God calls you to every area with every companion.  And he does it for a reason . . . find out why.

If you have the Spirit with you, all will be well.

Write in your journal a miracle for the day. 

The mission is tailored for you, so challenges, people, experiences, and situations will be perfect for you.

The greatest times on your mission are the times you are most obedient because the Spirit will be with you the strongest. 

Don’t worry about home or anything you left behind.  Just put it all in the hands of the Lord.

Welcome to the best mission on the planet.

I hope you know you didn’t sign up for a cakewalk!  The mission is going to try you.  There will be times when you want to quit, but please I pray that you don’t give up!  It is all worth it!

Remember, numbers don’t matter.  People matter.

It doesn’t matter what people think of you.  It matters what God thinks of you and your missionary work.

Avoid comparing yourself with others.  Focus on your strengths.  Work on your weaknesses and if you fail, try again tomorrow.

“The best of your mission is at your side.”

“Plan perfectly.  Execute flexibly.”

There isn’t really any secret to being a good missionary other than just doing what you know you should do.

Serving a mission is an amazing experience.  It is a privilege with great responsibility.

The mission changes you.  Let the Lord stretch you.

Rely on Heavenly Father.  Trust Him.  He knows more than you do.

You know, I can’t actually believe I’m writing this.  It feels like yesterday I was where you are.  Everyone says it at the beginning—“time flies”.  Don’t worry, I didn’t believe it either, but it really does.

Don’t give up.

This mission needs people like you.

If there is one thing I learned extremely quick on my mission was that obedience does not equal numerical success (new investigators, etc.) but that obedience leads us to become disciples of Jesus Christ instead of just robotic missionaries.

Oh how I envy you!  Ahead of you lies the greatest spiritual adventure that you will ever embark on.

Focus your studies on the Book of Mormon and Preach My Gospel.  Within those books lie the principles that you need to put into practice.

Learn to appreciate small steps and little things, and record a miracle from every day in your journal.

Nothing happens in missionary work until you find someone to teach.

This is exactly where God wants you to be right now.

You have the power to choose.  In these next 18-24 months, you will be faced with a lot of choices which will all determine your results as a missionary and as a child of God.  Some will be easy and clear-cut, others will seem unclear, but in the end if you choose to always be obedient, to always follow the Spirit, to always obey your mission president, to always magnify your calling as a representative of Jesus Christ, the choice will always be simple.

You are here for a reason.  God has called you to this mission at this time because He knows you will succeed.

The Lord helps us through the darkest days and helps us to see the beautiful colors of life.

You have probably heard:  “Obedience brings blessings but exact obedience brings miracles", and this is true, but something else is true, too.  Trying to be exactly obedient brings miracles, too!  God blesses those who try and knows that we aren’t perfect.  He’ll make up the difference if we try our best.

Know that you’ve come on this mission with many talents and qualities that come from God.  He suffered you to come work in this vineyard at this time because somewhere out there is a child of His that needs to hear the gospel proclaimed by you!

You are a son/daughter of a Father in Heaven that loves without condition.

During these past two years I’ve had the chance to know what my purpose as a missionary was.  I found out it was to help people.

Don’t be afraid to use what you have been given.  Be creative, and find ways to utilize your tools and talents.  At home you developed talents, characteristics and relationships.  You had experiences, and you learned things.  All of those will serve you well.  The mission is the best place to add to those.  Ask the Lord what He want you to do and who He wants you to be.

If you want to have a good mission, you need to start it good.  This is easier said than done.

One of my companions chose to go home a year early.  This was hard on me.  I know that this is not the right answer.  We are all supposed to be here.

Somedays I was so stressed about not knowing what to do or say.  It wasn’t until later that I learned that “all things work together for those who love God”.  Everything always turned out ok. 

As Anziano Oaks says “You cannot fail when you do your best.”

At times I have been very obedient; at other times I was not.  My obedience didn’t necessarily change how the work was going. But it did change me and the way I felt.

If you have the Spirit with you, all will be well.

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