Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Malta - January 2015

January 22-26, 2015

We flew to Malta for a Branch Conference.  Malta is a tiny island.  The branch is very small and struggles.  The people speak Maltese and a little bit of English.  There is no Book of Mormon in Maltese so it's a struggle, but the members there do their best.  They have had a couple of recent baptisms and we are optimistic they are catching the vision of missionary work.

We went to dinner at one of the member's home with the missionaries and a sister who is just coming back into activity.  We discussed ways to help others who have gone into inactivity gain a desire to return to church.

At the conference we introduced the goals set for the Europe Area by the Area Presidency.  The goals are to double the number of active members, become self reliant and to find an ancestor.

Cemetery in Malta

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