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January 3, 2014

We spent a day with the senior couple in Catania.  They actually live just outside of Catania in the city of Motta San Anastasia.  We spent a day visiting missionaries, sightseeing and talking about ways to improve the missionary efforts in that area.  They are specifically called as military relations and have a unique challenge because they are not allowed to proselyte on base, but they are actively engaged in the branch on base and establishing good relations with everyone they meet.

We drove to Ragusa, where we saw the missionaries serving there and then toured the beautiful town with a non-member friend they have made who lives there.

Ragusa is a fascinating town on Italy's island of Sicily. Ragusa's baroque architecture has earned it UNESCO World Heritage status. It's an unusual town, divided into two parts - the Upper Town and Ibla. After the earthquake of 1693 destroyed most of the town, half the people decided to build on the ridge above town and the other half renovated the old town.

After a day of brainstorming and sightseeing, we spent the night, spoke in church on the base and then drove across the island to Palermo to meet with the missionaries there.

Mt. Etna covered in snow.

Motta San Anastasia


The balcony supports in Ragusa indicate the wealth and title of the owner.

Church weddings just don't compensate for eternal marriage in the temple.

Sign in chocolate factory in Medica

Eating pistachio cannollli

This picture was taken right after he gave him a pass-along card.

The owner of this shop is officially known as the cheese man.

It snowed in Sicily for the first time in about 20 years.  Most of the snow had melted before we got there, but President found enough to make a snowball.

Stained glass window made with Murano glass

There's nothing like hot chocolate on a cold day.

Beautiful new LDS church in Ragusa.

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