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January 7, 2015

Taormina is a delightful little hilltop town.  It has magnificent views of the Ionian Sea and is home to both ancient Roman and Greek Ampitheatres.


Roman Ampitheatre


Greek Ampitheatre (partially restored and still used for productions)

Taormina Amphitheatre history

Taormina Amphitheatre (Teatro Greco Romano) was initially built by the Greeks in the third century BC before being rebuilt and enlarged by the Romans.

While known as an amphitheatre, the site is actually an ancient theatre, not an arena of the type normally meant by the term.
Parts of the Taormina Amphitheatre, such as its scenery, are still quite well-preserved, although some would say that the modern seating ruins the effect.

Today, as well as being a major draw for tourists to the city, the theatre is still used for concerts, plays and other events.

Ionian Sea

Mosaics date to 2nd century AD

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