Monday, February 22, 2016

Bari to Taranto (Avoiding the Autostrata)

February 22, 2016

We decided a change of scenery would be good since we travel the same roads every six weeks.  After leaving Bari, we took a detour and avoided the autostrada.  It was a delightful drive.  One of my favorite things are the trunks of olive trees found in the Bari area.  We saw some very unique ones along the way.  We saw farms and orchards we'd never seen before.  We even drove by a castle.  To top it all off, we found a place that served almond granitas.

Some of these olive tree trunks are hundreds of years old.

We drove through some real farm land where they were growing different kinds of lettuce.

A trullo

Peas in bloom

Lettuce grows under the grape vines and is harvested prior to the grapes filling in.

Conversano Castle

Michael the Archangel

An almond granita

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