Friday, June 17, 2016

Rome West Specialized Training - June 2016

June 17, 2016

Rome West Zone - June 2016

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The Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders took this opportunity during zone conference to pay tribute to the teachings of President Waddoups and prepare for the arrival of President Pickerd.

They began by playing an excerpt from a talk given by Elder Holland where he talked about being sympathetic to the struggle of the eleven remaining apostles after the death of Christ.  The apostles were still new in the gospel and were still finding their way.  Christ had only been with them for three years.  Missionaries in the Italy Rome Mission face a similar situation.

President Waddoups told each of the missionaries in their very first interview that he loved them and God loved them.  He spent three years helping to purge the missionaries of the natural man.  He constantly taught them about the basics of being a missionary, how to be happy, and how to bee the best you can bee--not mediocre, but the best.

Some of the things the missionaries remembered best about his teachings were that he always taught them to schedule and to pray and ask the Lord to help them find someone to teach during that time.  Missionaries are in the world, but not of the world.  The Book of Mormon is the most important book in the world.  Everyone needs to know about and understand the Restoration.  Successful missionaries are Preach My Gospel missionaries.  The missionaries remembered when President Waddoups stood on the table and said "Oh, that I were an angel."

In the talk by Elder Holland, he talked about Christ appearing to the disciples as they were fishing, and instructing Peter to "feed my sheep".  That is the same today as it was then.  Missionaries are to continue to feed the sheep.  Now that their president is leaving, they should not go back to fishing, but they need to carry on the good work and "bee the best they can bee" for a new president.

President Waddoups taught for three years, just like Christ did.  Now the missionaries are getting a new mouthpiece who has also been called of God.

Don't start from scratch, but build on what has been started and continue to progress.

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"Bee the best you can bee!"

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