Friday, November 8, 2013

Roma Est Zone Conference

November 5, 2013

Rome East held zone conference in Rome this time.  It has been in L'Aquila for the past three months and sometimes it's difficult for the missionaries to get there.  It's time consuming to get to Rome, too.  We're taking a long look at this to see if we can consolidate and make it easier.

We talked about the same things we did in prior zone conferences.  Learning how to teach from the Book of Mormon seems to be a divinely inspired topic and one that is really helpful to the missionaries.  We also had a section that reviewed teaching the English class.  One of our missionaries who speaks German taught how to learn German as a demonstration.  The section on finances and managing a missionary budget has been a good topic as well.  

We love our missionaries.  We're convinced we have the best missionaries in the world right here in the Italy Rome Mission.

First time, new to the mission testimony

Final, departing testimony

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