Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Miracle for Emily

February 8, 2014

God hears and answers prayers.

Our eleven year old granddaughter has leukemia.  She was diagnosed a year and a half ago.  It was a tough decision to leave her and come to Italy, but President Eyring told us our family would experience miracles as we served.  We believed him.

Last week our daughter called and said the doctors were concerned because Emily's ANC counts (the ability to fight off infection) were extremely low and continued to drop.  That could be an indication that the cancer was coming back and she might need a bone marrow transplant if it didn't improve.

We made a decision to call family members and ask them to fast for Emily on Sunday.  We sent word to all the missionaries in the Italy Rome Mission and asked them to join in the fast.  We found out later that Stake Presidents and High Councilmen, home teachers and ward members in Italy found out and joined in the fast.

Three days later Emily went to the hospital for the determining blood test.  For this stage of her cancer, the doctors try to keep the ANC minimum between 500 and 1500.  The test results were astounding.  Her ANC  count had gone from 100 the week before to 4,800--AN ABSOLUTE MIRACLE.

The next day, instead of going to the hospital for a possible bone marrow transplant, Emily got on a bus and went with a group of children her age on a choir tour.  She still has about a year of chemotherapy left, but we have faith she will be cured.

Thank you for your prayers.  We have a testimony that God hears and answers prayers.


  1. sorella waddoups. i heard the news about your sweet emily and have had her in my thoughts and prayers ever since, knowing that miracles DO exist and since her grandparents preside over the most miraculous mission in the world (as far as i am concerned), i had a lot of faith. so so beyond happy to hear this great news! miss you both and pray for that rome temple to be filled to the brim!! send my love to my favorite group of missionaries in my favorite place in the whole wide world! vi voglio un mondo di bene!!
    sorella wightman

  2. Thank you all! This was a terrifying trial in our lives. We are thankful for the gospel and the knowledge we have that we can turn to The Lord in all things.