Friday, February 7, 2014

Palermo Zone Conference

February 6, 2014

Sometimes missionaries are very good at posing for pictures so their parents can see how nice they look.  Other times, they pull some pretty funny faces.  This conference leaned more towards the funny faces.

During the listening to the Holy Ghost exercise, one of the missionaries grabbed the microphone and started giving very loud, incorrect directions and confused everybody.  Each zone conference something new happens.  The obvious lesson this time was that it's more difficult to lead someone astray than it is to give them clear, accurate directions.  The people trying to lead the blindfolded missionary astray were constantly yelling and trying to come up with a different tactic to get the blindfolded missionary to follow them.  One group started out with everybody talking loud, and then yelling, and then eventually everybody in the group was doing a different chant.  That sister wound up on the podium instead of at the picture of Christ.

Companion ties are one thing - companion coats is a new one

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  1. That is a DARLING picture of you! Cute outfit too!