Saturday, February 1, 2014


As missionaries, our purpose is to help bring others unto Christ.  In order to accomplish this goal, we must do three things.  The first thing is to FIND others to teach.  Once we have found someone who is interested, we must TEACH them the gospel principles.  The third step is to BAPTIZE them.

The missionaries refer to these three steps as FTB or find, teach, baptize.

In our mission, we tell the missionaries to "Bee the best you can Bee".  One of the missionaries asked another missionary what FTB stood for and he responded "Fill the Beehive".  It was a pretty clever play on words since we have a chart that is a beehive and we put a bee on the beehive for every person who is baptized.  We are trying to fill the beehive.  The beehive holds 40 bees.  Our goal is to have 40 baptisms each month.  The new Rome Temple will have two endowment rooms and each endowment room will seat 40 people.  Each month we are trying to baptize enough people to fill an endowment room.

This is the first time since we set the goal that we have used the graphic.  We are very proud of our missionaries.  During the month of December, the missionaries had 18 baptisms.  That's enough to fill nearly half an endowment room.  We are attempting to FTB!


  1. I love this! Fill the Beehive! Enough to fill an endowment session. So great!

  2. Clever and the visual makes it more fun!