Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sardegna Zone Conference

February 11, 2014

The trip to Sardegna completed this round of zone conferences.  We took the ferry (a 15 hour trip coming and going plus travel time to and from the harbor in Cittavecchia) and took both Assistants with us.  Sometimes when we fly to Sardegna, we only take one of them and if it is specialized training, we sometimes don't take either of them.  When we take the ferry, we are able to take a vehicle with us and we can fill it with supplies.

This round of zone conferences we tried something a little different.  We have a difficult time ending on time because sometimes the STLS' or Zone Leaders or Assistants take a lot longer than their allotted time to do their adestramenti (teachings).  When that happens the next group has to cut their presentation short or something gets left out.  When missionaries plan and prepare it's only right that they should be able to present what they have prayed about and worked on.  I made little signs that say 5, 3, 1 and stop.  The zone leaders assigned a time keeper to watch the time and give the presenters a 5 minute, 3 minute,  1 minute, and stop warning so they would know how much time they had remaining.  The time keeper usually sat right in front and kept the signs low so nobody but the presenters would see them.  It worked fabulously.  We never went over in any of the conferences.  When the conference ends, missionaries still have buses and trains to catch and appointments to teach.  We avoided any complications this time and will probably use it again.

Any monkeying around at zone conference is confined to this guy (the mascot of one of the missionaries).

If you take one picture . . .

. . . everyone else wants to be in it.

 There is no quad in Italian, so this sister combined all her scriptures to create her own quad.

Sister Waddoups, have you ever taken a picture in a bathroom before?

Conducting at zone conference

Leading the missionaries in Nostro Scopo . . .

. . . and Standard of Truth

Progress chart

Worker bees

Leaders in the zone

When you do your laundry, hang it outside to dry so the moisture stays outside and not in your apartment.

Happy Birthday

The sorelle prepared the lunch.

Food for thought

Exercise on commitment

Final testimony

I'm the only sister in the group, you can trust me--not!

Last zone conference before going home

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