Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Letter to President

My first day here we talked to this lady to invite her to English Course and she saw my Book of Mormon in hand and said she used to have one of those books. She said that in one of her moves it had been thrown out, though, and asked us to come by in the morning to bring a new one and talk about it. What a miracle! She wasn't there the next day when we went, but we will keep trying! I am so excited to get to work here! Well, we already have gotten to work. We have 3 lessons with some investigators and I have felt to invite them all to baptism, and so we did. I am tired of having investigators that don't progress, so I have decided to be more bold and to invite more and to explain our purpose more to them. The more that I understand it, the more that I want my investigators to understand it so that they know why we are seeing them and that we really want to help them have better lives and accept the gospel. I love inviting people to baptism! It is scary, but my companion and I are going to be bold together.

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