Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Assisi to Cascia to Ascoli Piceno

December 27, 2014

We left Assisi and drove to Ascoli Pecino.  It was a cold, cold day.  The combination of humidity and cold air in Italy permeates to the very core of your body.  We were in the very northern part of our mission and high in the mountains.  It was cold and windy and we saw lots of snow, something we have never seen in Rome.

Basilica of Santa Maria

St. Rita is famous because as a small baby some bees flew in her mouth but never stung her.  There are lots of bee things in Cascia.

This area is known for it's truffles (tartufa).

The Umbria region of Italy specializes in wild boar products.

You can buy all kinds of pork products in Italy, but I have never seen a pig yet.  This is the closest thing I've seen and it was made from plaster and staked up as a display.

Oh, the sights and sounds of Italy!  You have to love it.

We just had to stop and buy some onions.

Main Piazza in Ascoli Pecino

President did a scambi (exchange) with the elders in Ascoli Pecino and then bought them a hamburger.

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