Tuesday, December 23, 2014


December 20-21, 2014

President has had this strong feeling that we needed to attend church in the little Branch in Leece.  It's nearly an eight hour drive from Rome and since we already had to drive part of the way there to do a zone conference on Monday anyway, we decided we would just drive the rest of the way there and go to church.  The Branch was excited to have us come and asked us to speak.  (President speaks and I read my pre-prepared talks in Italian, but they always seem to fit right in.  It's a miracle!)  It was the Sunday before Christmas and I felt a little bad that the Branch was stuck with us talking.  I spoke about the light of Christ and President tied it all in with Christmas and the gifts we can give to our Heavenly Father by being good missionaries.  It was perfect.

The really amazing thing about being in church in Lecce is that the missionaries had an investigator in church that day.  (He is the third person from the left on the second row.)  It was his first time attending church.  They had met him and given him the lesson on the Plan of Salvation, but this was his first time in church.  He was so in tune with the spirit and already had a testimony that he had found what he was looking for, but the real miracle was that he had had a dream and in his dream there was a Sacrament table and President Waddoups.  He didn't have any idea what a Sacrament Table was or who the man in his dream was until he went to church on Sunday.  No wonder President has had such a strong feeling he had to go to Lecce.  God works in mysterious ways His wonders to perform!

Lecce Branch

Lecce Relief Society

Missionaries in the Piazza

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