Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I Love My Mission

This poem was written by one of our missionaries who returns home next month.

--Anziano Prete

Thinking of my mission before I had to depart, 

Left me with feelings that played games with my heart.

Entering the field I went to the MTC, 

Where I learned very quickly nothing in these 2 years would ever come free.

 Coming into Italy listening to the Italians speak like birds,

I noticed very quickly that I didn't understand a word! 

 I've had many great meals from the people I've learned to love, 

But nothing will be more special than the testimony given to me from above.

 I've never minded finding, in fact I'd do it everyday,

The price to stay with the Italians is something I'm always willing to pay.

 I've born testimony in many obscure places,

Both wet, dry, tired and lost and to many different faces. 

 I've never spoke very well, or been very good at teaching,

But the Lord has blessed me openly given me power in preaching.

 I've seen men change, people grow, and tears rolling down cheeks, 

But the saddest thing I've ever done is counting down the weeks. 

 There is a life after the mission so they say I guess I'm coming to know, 

But the hardest thing I've ever done is realizing that I'll soon have to go. 

 Some call it work, Jesus called it Fishing,

And I hope that EVERYONE knows, that:


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