Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Mission

The Mission
--Anziano Gemmell

Two years have come and gone, even if it doesn’t feel so.
I remember when all I could say was “benissimo grande Cibo”.

Walking out on the streets in the cold crisp Italian air
Desperately trying to tell everyone “your Heavenly Father’s there!”

Wanting to give these people what they lack, the Gospel of our master
Praying to God daily, that the language might come faster.

There have been days and weeks when I felt I couldn’t take it anymore.
Endless roaming the streets, going from door to door.

Feeling really tired, moping around and feeling blue
Then the words from God come to my mind “my son, I called you”.

Though you may feel tired, you may feel weak and feeble
Just remember, do it for God, and these wonderful people.

Remember who you are and why you came out here.
It wasn’t for gelato, pasta or pizza, but do not fear

These people need the Atonement just as much as you.
So follow the example of Nephi, that is, Go and Do.

Be confident and gentle, kinda like the foxes.
Don’t eat too much pasta, or Sorella Waddoups will break your boxes.

The testimony I have gained, is something I will always cherish.
I hope everyone of us will do our all, to never let it perish.

Reflecting over the past two years, I did lots of things wrong.
If I were to write them all, we’d be here all night long!

But even though I’ve made many mistakes and wrongs, this I decree
That God lives, and he loves me, he loves me, he loves me.

Never forget the testimony you gain, the experiences you have and all the people you meet.
The mission is the best thing ever, better than Mozarella di Bufala and all the other treats.

God will bless you all, work hard and you will see
Just like the Waddoups say “BEE the best you can BEE”.

So get up, follow the example of God’s only begotten son.
This church is true and we know, let’s go tell everyone!

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