Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas Day - 2014

December 25, 2014

Christmas morning we celebrated by visiting Presepi d'Italia, a precepe (nativity) display at the nearby town of Massa Martana.  The piazza was decorated with nativities from all over Italy.  Nativity sets are one of my favorite things so I loved doing this activity.   I have collected nativity sets from all over the world, but some of my favorite ones have come from Italy.  At the display they had a nativity made entirely from pasta and another one that was a life-size ice sculpture.

We also visited the Marmore Falls near Terni.  It is the largest waterfall in all of Europe.  It is man made and is only turned on for an hour twice a day.  It's amazing to watch the falls go from just a trickle of water to a huge flow of water that is deafening and sends a spray of water everywhere.  We were all wet and cold so a nearby stand that sold hot chocolate was just what we needed.  (I use the term hot chocolate loosely.  It's more like a chocolate pudding topped with whip cream.  It's delicious!)

Everyone returned to the agritourismo for a very special seven course meal made from food that comes from their farm.  They fix this special meal every Christmas and it is wonderful.  (President and I skipped the first of the dinner because his cell phone must have fallen off when he got back in the car at the falls.  We went back and looked everywhere for it, but are certain someone else found it and is probably happy to have a new phone.  We wish them a Merry Christmas and we are praying very hard that none of our missionaries have any serious problems until we can get President a new phone.  In the meantime, everyone knows the two of us are always together and they already call me when they can't get him. 

Presepi d'Italia

Made from pasta

Marmore Falls

Bought an apron to add to the mission collection

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