Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sardegna Specialized Training

February 27, 2014

I have to start out with a disclaimer on this post.  I didn't take any of the pictures.  Since the trip to Sardegna required flying to and from the island in the same day this time, we made the decision to have Michael go to Sardegna for the Specialized Training and I stayed in Rome to do a project for the next zone conference.  We had just been to Sardegna a couple of weeks ago so figured it would be okay, but President said the minute he walked in the door all the missionaries asked where I was.  That made me feel good.  (Actually they were just disappointed because they thought there wouldn't be any pictures for the blog this time.)

Since he was involved in the training, Michael gave the camera to one of the sisters to take pictures.  We have an elder in the mission who takes pictures of himself and then passes them out to the other missionaries.  You'll see a lot of pictures of those pictures in this post.


  1. How fun to see a little switch up with the pictures. Funny that the missionary passes out pictures of himself to everyone.

  2. Michael looks like he can't believe what he is reading in Preach my Gospel. Haha

  3. Was this in Cagliari? I served there for 6 months back in 1981. I'm really missing Italy today and this blog just brings it all back!! Thank you. Tante belle cose sempre!! :) Sorella Focosi