Saturday, August 2, 2014

Letter to President

We had an experience yesterday that was a bit traumatizing. We were doing finding yesterday afternoon and we stopped to write a text message to one of our members who was invited by a less active member to watch an anti-mormon film. We ended up talking to her on the phone and counseled her to not watch it. We hope she didn't. We will talk to her either today or tomorrow. Anyway, while we were doing this, a woman ran up and stole my companion's backpack. We chased after her and were yelling for people to help us. I am sure that there were angels with us because my companion caught her! She grabbed her and I grabbed the backpack. In the process of it all, the woman punched her in the face! I still am shocked. By this time there were other people around. But the woman started saying “The backpack is mine! They stole it from ME!” I couldn't believe the words coming out of her mouth! Luckily, my companion had her Italian ID inside so we got it out and showed everyone. Then the woman ran away. It was awful. We were pretty shaken up after that. We did however hand out bigliettini (pass-a-long cards) to the people who helped us :) Another miracle was that somehow the phone ended up in my bag with the zipper closed. I have no idea how because it was in my hand when she stole the backpack. I thought for sure I had dropped it. Anyway, my companion is doing great.  I think I am still more shaken up than she is, and it wasn't even my bag! I have just never in my life experienced anything like that. Then the look in her eyes was just really awful. But it is okay! Everything turned out just fine and I realized just how much Heavenly Father really does protect his missionaries.

(The two sister's are doing great.  It turned out to be a good experience for them.)

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