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Leaving a Legacy - December 2015

December 7, 2015

When missionaries complete their missions, one of the things they are asked to do is leave a legacy for new missionaries who will be coming to the mission.  They are given a form that says:

           "As you finish this wonderful chapter of missionary service, you have the chance to help those that follow.  Think back to the first days of your mission.  You were full of new missionary energy but maybe not quite sure how to use it.  Take some time and contemplate about all the many lessons and great experiences that you experienced during these two years of service.  What knowledge would you have wanted in order to enhance your experiences?  What great tips of obedience or endurance would you like the next generation to know?  Now is your chance.  Please write  a short letter speaking to all those that will follow."

With permission from the departing missionaries, here are some of the comments they made.

*  *  *  *  *

First off, just be obedient.  100% obedient, 100% of the time.  It is much easier to be always obedient than just disobedient enough so that you are still cool.  If you see “older” missionaries doing things that don’t seem ok, say something!  Either you’ll learn something new, or you’ll get to help them change and improve the mission.  This place needs obedient missionaries with obedient hearts.

Don’t let the mission change you.  Let Christ change you, because that is the only kind of change that will last.

If you need to resolve things from before the mission, talk to President.  I know that he is called of God to help you, and I know that the Atonement of Jesus Christ heals us in a way that leaves no scars.

Read “Becoming a Consecrated Missionary” by Elder Callister.  .  Italy needs consecrated missionaries. 

Don’t worry so much about the language.  It will come.  Don’t worry about sounding awkward or not making sense.  The Spirit will confirm the truth you speak.   Do worry about being obedient.  No number of baptisms will compensate for the failure of being obedient.  Obedience takes courage.

Never underestimate the example you set as a representative of Jesus Christ—let it be a good and positive example.  You never know who you will impact.

Seek to love the Savior and to share His love with those around you.  May He walk beside you in every step of this wonderful journey.  Never give up!  He will carry you through.  He is the Light and the Life.

During the mission, I did not always know what to do and how to do it, but after sometime, I realized that the Savior guides me every time that I humble myself.

Seek to always learn something from everyone.

Never get discouraged when you get rejected because it is normal and it is ok.  The best missionaries are those that get rejected the most because it means that they are talking to more people. 

Make the best of every situation because there is a reason behind everything.

Be obedient.  There are many blessings that you will receive that will definitely make up for all the sacrifices.

The next 18 to 24 months will be fantastic and also very difficult.  Most people associate difficult with not having fun  But take sports for example.  Most people love them even though it’s hard work.

When it comes to language, focus more on communicating rather than speaking.

Do the right thing for the right reason.

I would like to have had a better knowledge of the scriptures.

Learn to see everyone as a child of God.  Use your spiritual eyes.

Obedience is the law of Heaven.

The Lord has chosen you to come to Italy.

There will be difficult moments, but you will be filled with an incredible spirit.

Don’t do things because you think you have to, do them because you want to.

If at the beginning you have difficulties feeling like a missionary, continue to do the things that you know are righteous and put your confidence in the Lord.

The Lord has prepared a custom made mission for you,

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