Thursday, December 10, 2015

New Missionaries - December 2015

December 8, 2015

The first stop we make on the way back from the airport is the Rome Temple Site.  It's a great way to begin a mission in Italy.  If everything goes well, some of these missionaries might be here for the dedication.

Occasionally we have missionaries come to our mission on a temporary basis until they are able to get their visa.  We refer to them as visa waiters.  We have a sister that fits in that category this time.  We anticipate she will serve in our mission for one transfer until she gets final approval to go abroad to the area she has been called.  Because she has always lived in the mission boundaries, many of the missionaries already know her and they all wanted to be her trainer.  President just tells them to take it up with the Lord because He is the one in charge.

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  1. So thankful for all the pictures you posted! It is good to see our sister Anderson!