Friday, January 31, 2014

Bari Zone Conference

January 29, 2014

Zone Conference is a wonderful way to touch  base with all the missionaries and see how they are doing?  Occasionally we have concerns about some of the missionaries and it's good to see them in person and talk to them face to face.  After a transfer, it's always fun to see them in new locations with new companions.  About the time I finally adjust to all the changes, it's time to make new changes.

Pizza box in a van--now that's a novelty in Italy

Carrying supplies (BofM) into church

Supplies and letters from home

Missionaries who teach English class

Members of English Class with Missionaries

New Missionary Testimony

18 baptisms this month

Worker Bee Missionaries

Food for body and soul

Departing Testimony

Departing Testimony

Does anybody have a camera?



  1. These were so fun! Thanks. Jessica Jepson

  2. Love the picture of all the cameras. Haha