Friday, January 17, 2014

Capi Conferenza Dinner

January 16, 2014

I wish I could say the missionaries look forward to spending the night at the villa because they are so excited to learn everything they can learn that will help them be better missionaries.  Some of that is true, but the reality is they like to spend the night at the villa because they get to spend time with companions they haven't seen in a long time and eat free food.  We served Hawaiian Haystacks for dinner and some of them really know how to stack it high.  By the time we get all the missionaries here and fed, it's too late to have any training meetings.  Michael and I are usually exhausted, and the missionaries are hyper.  It's an interesting combination.  By morning they are hungry again and we serve them breakfast buffet style and then send them off for the 15 minute walk to the church for the conference.

Have I ever mentioned how grateful I am to the senior couples who help out in the kitchen when needed?  "God bless them, everyone."



  1. I'm sorry to admit it, but that last sentence had me laughing out loud! The whole family came to see what it said. The sad thing is that it totally painted a funny picture in my head! I love you two and all you do for those missionaries!

  2. I miss your Hawaiian haystacks!!!