Friday, January 17, 2014

Capi Conferenza

January 17, 2014

The Capi Conferenza or Mission Leadership Conference was held in Rome.  It's a time for all the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders to come together to learn more about their responsibilities as leaders and how they can be more effective leaders. 

The feedback from zone leaders since the last conference is that they needed help with finding techniques, companionship inventory, approach on asking for numbers and texting. 

The assistants helped them do role plays on finding techniques.   President lead them in a discussion on companionship inventory.  The importance of being more friendly when asking for weekly numbers was discussed.  Texting has not been available in our mission until now and so guidelines were given on that topic.

They talked about the responsibilities of each zone leader in preparation for zone conference and specialized training.  Handouts were given to them to be used as they go back into their zones to help them pass on the information to missionaries they will be teaching there.

They had a time to ask questions and discuss current needs.  As usual, the final and favorite part of the conference was singing the mission hymn.

It was a good conference.  All too soon it was over and they were headed back to their own areas--hopefully to be more effective leaders and teach other missionaries how to become more effective, too.

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  1. I love checking this blog and seeing all the photos and updates on all the fine work being done in Italy. A few months ago, there was a great photo of the missionary coats being hung on the staircase. Is there any chance I can make a copy of that photo to frame for a family member (of one of those "coats.") If it is OK, could I contact someone about having a copy of the photo sent so I can enlarge it for a 8x10 frame? Thanks again for helping us all feel a little more connected.