Thursday, January 9, 2014

Letters to President

You just have to love missionaries!

First, just a health update! My foot is doing a tonnnn better. The doctor called on Tuesday and told me to do a couple of things every morning and every night when we're at home and it's made a HUGE difference. My foot hardly bothers me at all during the day when I do it :) And then, on Thursday night we were walking back home after English course and I wasn't watching where I was going (I've been looking at the ground while I walk lately so I don't trip on another pothole or something and hurt my ankle again). So I'm walking along, watching the ground and I smack my head on a billboard!! Yes, a billboard. For some reason, the billboards are just superrrrr low and since I was looking at the ground, I didn't see it, and I smacked my head right on the corner of it! It hurt so bad, but it's just so ridiculous that we laughed so hard. And what makes it even better was when we got on the tram after that to go the rest of the way home! My companion and I were sitting across from each other, so she could see that my head was bleeding a tiny bit. And then she was like, "Sorella, what color is my face?" She almost passed out! It was kinda scary at the time because I don't know what I would've done if she had passed out while we were on the tram, but looking back on it now, it's soooo funny. And all of our investigators think it's the funniest story ever haha :) So. Moral of the story: Watch where you're walking!! I'm totally fine, just had a goose egg for a couple of days. And we washed it real good and I've been putting neosporin and stuff on it, so it's all good :)


  1. Well one thing is for sure- missionaries end up with lots of stories don't they?!

  2. Il Potere di Purificazuione del Getsemani -Elder McConkie (sub. ITA) in this link :