Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Letter to President


We have been doing a lot of finding, and we have really seen miracles!! The other day actually, we were doing some finding and the first man that we talked to put down his bags and listened to us for a minute!!! On the street!!! Now that is crazy!! That hardly ever happens!! The lord is really and truly preparing Italy for great things!! We set up a return appointment, and we also found out that he has a whole family!! What a great opportunity it will be!! I am full on 100 percent behind you with this 40 baptisms a month!! President I KNOW that it is going to happen!! I really do!!! The lord is hastening his work!!! Also, after that we stopped another lady while she was cleaning, and she said no, but hold on a second.. She then took us to this shop which was full of people.. All ladies, so we will be turning them over to the sisters to teach. Anyways, they loved us!! We got the opportunity to know all of them, and all of their names, and also shared our testimonies and what we believed and what not!!! Then after that, we set up a big lunch with all of them and also their families!!!!!!!!!! Man it was so cool!!!

THE LORD IS HASTENING HIS WORK!!!!! This all happened within only like an hour President!!! Man it was such a testimony to me!!! As I have been struggling with my trials that I have faced, I have endured them well, and the Lord has just blessed me more than I can ask for!!! What an amazing time it is to be a missionary!!

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