Monday, December 30, 2013

Palermo Sightseeing

December 11, 2013

We drove by the Duomo in Palermo on our way out of town one time.  Ever since then, Michael has wanted to see inside it.  It was only a short distance from where we were staying while in Palermo this trip so took a few minutes to see it.  The outside is huge and beautiful, but it is being refurbished and the inside wasn't very impressive because it is currently full of scaffolding.  However, the outside was very, very impressive.  The Duomo and the castle are almost connected.  It is huge and must have been spectacular at one time.  Now it is completely occupied by the Caribineri (public safety) of Palermo. 

Palermo Duomo

Arch across street between Duomo and Arch Bishop's residence

Nativity in entrance to Arch Bishop's residence


Palermo still has hibiscus in bloom in the middle of December.

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