Monday, December 16, 2013

Night Before Christmas - Missionary Style

This was written and sent to us by the family of one of our missionaries.  

Twas the Night Before Christmas
(missionary style!)

Twas the Night Before Christmas!
All over the world
Were the Lord’s missionaries
With their banners unfurled.

Their stockings were flung
On the floor by the chair
In hopes that their P-day
Soon would be there.

They’d tracted all day,
They were hungry and tired,
But tomorrow was Christmas!
Of course, they were wired!

They made Mac & Cheese,
And knelt down to pray;
Tomorrow would be. . .
A glorious day!!

They took one last trip
To the mailbox with care,
In hopes that a package
Would finally be there!

But to their dismay
No mail had arrived;
They fought back emotion (!)
So far, they’d survived.

When what to their wondering hearts
Did appear?!
Not a vision, not a dream,
But a thought so clear!

They hurried back in
To the place they called “home”,
They would read their scriptures,
Through the pages they’d comb.

For the gift they were seeking
Was not in the mail,
But in a sacred story
That was not for sale.

The story foretold
Of Jesus Christ’s birth,
Of his ministry among
God’s children here on earth.

So, tomorrow they’d share
This story of old,
In hopes that someone
Would come unto His fold.

The best gift of all
Is not one you receive,
But the gift you give
To help someone believe.

So take heart, God’s army,
It’s Christmas every day
While you serve in the field
Giving His love away!!

Written with love by Kristina and Quincey McGuire