Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Napoli Specialized Training

December 16, 2013

The missionaries in Napoli must be trying to outdo the missionaries in Palermo with their enthusiasm.  They decided to do a companionship gift exchange.  Nobody was allowed to spend more than 5 euros.  They came up with some pretty creative gifts.  They enjoyed a few minutes of levity before they settled down to the serious business of learning how to be better missionaries.

As we have traveled throughout the mission this transfer cycle and experienced the many different Specialized Training Conferences, we have been awed at how in tune the zone leaders are with the needs of their individual zones.  Some zones chose exactly the same topic, while other zones went a completely different direction with their training.  No assignments were made as to what to teach.  They were told to pray and let the spirit guide them.  They are learning how to be future leaders in the church and they are very impressive.

The nativity play always seems to be a hit.  One sister said it was just like they did at home every year only none of her bratty cousins were there.  (I guess she didn't notice the antics of some of the missionaries.) 

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